How much time do you spend on photography?

The amount of time we can spend on photography has several dependencies. For people with a regular job, time is limited to their sparetime. Those who have kids, other obligations or even other hobbies will have to divide their time between those things.

I wondered if these times, where Corona / Covid-19 have caused an almost globally lockdown, made a change in the time spend on photography.

One of the questions in the survey is ‘How much time do you spend on photography?’. Looking at the answers given by the respondents I noticed a slight difference in the results:

Before this Corona-crisis 40% of the respondents spend time on photography on a daily basis. Looking at the answers given during this crisis, this has dropped to 33%. People tend to spend more time on a weekly basis instead (from 44% to 50%). This will most likely have been caused by the lockdown, because we can’t go outside as easily to take pictures. But does this also mean that we are less busy with photography? Are we not thinking more about what we want to say with our pictures these days?

Does this apply to you, too? I’d like to hear in the comments if you handle photography differently in these times.

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