Photography in Times of Corona

These days, these horrible days in which corona spreads across the globe are difficult. Apart from the pressure it puts on our care, this also requires all of us to take the necessary precautions.

One of the things we have to deal with is the quarantine that has more or less been enforced on all of us. Let’s hope this reduces the spread of the virus.

The quarantine also ensures that we photographers use photography in a different way. We can’t head over to the streets as before and photograph what we are used to. I wonder if this also causes us to look at our photography projects in a different way.

In the questionnaire the question is asked whether you start a project from an idea or from a single photo.Over 61% indicated that it starts from an idea, while a quarter of the respondents said that it starts from a photo. And 13% of the respondents indicated that it sometimes starts with an idea, sometimes with a photo.

Would that view change because of the time we are in right now?

I am curious about your reactions. Leave a comment or – if you haven’t already done so – fill in the questionnaire.

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