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Every person has a  tory

Every person has a tory

My name is Leon van Zuilekom-Legrand and founder of Documenstory. Documenstory is a filmmaking documentary company based in The Netherlands.

Documentary films are non-fictional motion-pictures that contains real life journeys.

Our goal is to make from every special story or journey an interesting documentary.

I believe that many people has stories or journeys in their life that are eager to be told!

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Sjaak started motocross in 1977.
After he started in 1980 with his goal to be able to ride at the highest level in the Netherlands, this goal was already within reach in 1982, but a nasty injury overturned this plan.
He then achieved his goal in 1985 and then it became clear that the follow-up plan to also be able to drive internationally would be quite a task on many fronts from a financial, physical and driving technical and mental point of view.
After an intensive discussion with his former manager and the questions he asked and the answers he gave, were an eye-opener and made him decide to stop the sport immediately and to focus on his social career.

During his participation in 1996, after not having been active in motocross for 10 years, he got the idea to see what the possibilities were to return to competition level one more time.
After some contacts with the Maico factory in De Bilt, the idea arose to return to the Dutch competition on a modest scale. Unfortunately, Maico ran into financial problems and the whole project seemed to end in failure. He did not give up and contacted the German Maico importer Kostler from Leverkusen and they were willing to support him further.
Sjaak started the competition strongly winning 8 races and with an interim promotion another 5 wins and another 2 podium places with the 500cc. In 1997 he also became Dutch champion.
Until 2003 he raced intensively at the highest level, but stopped due to private circumstances.

Stopped due to private circumstances and started again in 2019.
He wants to experience to what extent he is still able to perform to the maximum in the national competition as a person over 60. The goal in terms of performance is of course to achieve the Championship in 2023 at National level.
With a good support team around him, they have made considerable progress and there is now a good basic to take on this challenge.
His mission gives direction to creating opportunities to get the best out of yourself sportively, physically and mentally, also at a later age.
With this, he would like to be a source of inspiration for older people and subsequently motivate them to also start sporting. Showing at this age that age does not have to play an impeding role to deliver a top performance among the younger generation.
His motto is “everything is possible, there are no limitations other than your own self-image”.

Filming of the documentaire is planned from March 2023 until the end of 2023. After filming, all the footage needs to be edited to a final product that is planned on may 25th 2024.

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